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Hubbard Paving Teams Take Home 5 ACAF Awards in 2019

From Left: Scott Mason, Hazen Hinds, Javier Saldana, Eron Chambers, Mike Perez, Matt Siegel, Joe Susaita, and Phil Addison

Hubbard paving teams left a striking impression on this year’s Asphalt Contractors Association of Florida (ACAF) awards ceremony, taking 1st place in five separate project categories. The award-winning projects ranged in scope from a three-mile stretch of bike trail in Jacksonville to 17 miles of high-traffic state road in Orlando, and carried contracts valued from one million dollars to just over 10 million. Despite the varying scopes of these projects, they all had one thing in common: they set the standard for excellence in the paving industry.

As a long-standing ACAF member, Hubbard has received Excellence in Paving awards in years past but never as many as five—at least, not that Vice President Phil Addison can recall. Addison joined Hubbard in the mid-2000s and says the company has typically been recognized for a project or two, but he admits that this year is unique.

“To win top prize in five categories is highly uncommon,” Addison explains, “for Hubbard, or for any other paving company.” The difference this year, he says, is that Hubbard project leaders took time to submit awards applications—a task which has traditionally taken a backseat to the immediate work of paving roads.

“I’ve told our teams for years that our quality and workmanship is second to none, which it is. We simply haven’t made the effort that some paving companies do to nominate our projects. This year we did, and it paid off.”

The award-winners included the SR-A1A Fernandina Beach project, the SR-15 Resurfacing project, the SR-52 Resurfacing project, the SR-2017 Rail Trail project, and the Park St./Starkey Road project in Pinellas County. Each was recognized during an ACAF award ceremony that took place June 22, at the Turnberry Resort in Miami, Florida. Representing Hubbard and their selected projects were Operations Managers Joe Sustaita, Matt Siegel and Hazen Hinds; Project Managers Javier Saldana, Mike Perez and Scott Mason; Chief Estimator John McBrayer; QC Manager Eron Chambers; Plants Manager Tom Morgan, and Vice President Phil Addison. Project Managers Mike Upton and Scott Holcomb, who led two of the winning projects, were unable to attend.

Despite the relatively large group present at the ACAF ceremony, Addison points out that there are many more Hubbard team members who did not attend but played an equally important role in the projects’ success.

“There are so many components involved in these projects,” he explains, “that no single person can take credit for any of the five awards. In our industry, it takes a full-out team effort from everyone involved, from the individuals running the plants, to Quality Control, to the laydown crews, to superintendents. In each of these cases, we were able to produce award-winning results by working together, and by putting quality ahead of production.”

As a condition of their ACAF awards, all five Hubbard projects will be automatically entered in the National Asphalt Paving Association’s (NAPA) 2019 award season. Currently, all Hubbard asphalt plants hold NAPA Diamond Achievement Commendations for overall excellence. The projects fall into a separate award category for paving operations, the winners of which will be announced later this year and recognized at the national award ceremony in February, 2020.