Asphalt Plant Locations
August 28, 2019

Fred O’Dea

Fred O’Dea has been a member of the Hubbard Construction management team for more than 23 years.

In his capacity during that time as CFO of Hubbard Construction and its parent company Eurovia USA and subsidiaries, he has played a central role in numerous acquisitions and mergers that have shaped the identity and direction of the group, including the acquisition of Blythe Construction by Eurovia USA in 1998 and the acquisition in 2018 of Lane Construction’s Plants & Paving operations. A long-time Florida resident, he obtained his master’s degree from the University of Florida. Following his education, Mr. O’Dea worked for 11 years as a Senior Manager with Arthur Andersen & Co., a public accounting firm, before joining Hubbard Construction in 1995. Today, he continues to provide financial leadership for the entire Eurovia USA family of asphalt and construction contracting operations from Maine to Florida and Texas.