Asphalt Plant Locations


  • Project Name: Orlando International Airport Rehab
  • Location: Orlando International Airport Rehab Orlando, Florida
  • Duration: 1 Year
  • Project Type: PrivateAir & Seaports
  • Status: Complete

Orlando International Airport Rehab

This project had many challenges. Moving labor, equipment and materials while maintaining restricted access and not affecting the safety or operation of the facility is a major concern requiring constant communication and coordination with airport operations. Due to the unique pavement loading of active airport taxiways and runways, Quality Control and Quality Assurance are of critical importance to a successful and long-lasting final product. The installation of airport lighting and communication and integration into the existing facilities is required. This work must be performed without affecting the operation of the existing system. Often very narrow windows of time are available to complete this work.

Project highlights included:

-Clearing, earthwork, drainage and paving
-Electrical work
-Signage and pavement markings for widening and construction of taxiways
-Placement of asphalt rubber membrane interlayer