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  • Project Name: SR-528, Florida Turnpike Widening
  • Location: SR-528, Florida Turnpike Widening Orlando, Florida
  • Duration: 3.8 Years
  • Project Type: RoadwaysCivil ConstructionPaving
  • Status: Complete

SR-528, Florida Turnpike Widening

SR 528 was accepted by the Florida Turnpike on July 19, 2019. This project had a duration of 1399 days (3.8 years) and was valued at $97,505,935. The project was completed on time with the efforts of PM Asad Waraich, Project Superintendents Todd Andrepont, Rodway Superintendent Ralph Boggs, and Bridge Superintendent Jeff Grubner. There was a great effort provided by our grade crews, pipe crews, and bridge crews to complete this difficult project within the contract time.

Project highlights included:

-Addition of inside and auxiliary lanes
-rebuilding clover leaf ramps
-13 ramp configurations
-6 widened bridges
-2 new ramped bridge construction
-5 miles of total roadway widening