Asphalt Plant Locations


  • Project Name: SR-A1A Fernandina Beach
  • Location: SR-A1A Fernandina Beach
  • Duration: 7 Months
  • Project Type: RoadwaysPaving
  • Status: Complete

SR-A1A Fernandina Beach

Hubbard paving teams completed this $4,180,000 contract for the City of Fernandina Beach using only 78% of the allotted project time, despite the expansion of services to the contract midway through completion. Services included installing Two Component Polyurethane injection under roadway for drainage failure, removing and replacing concrete median ends, driveways, sidewalks, and curbs.

Project highlights included:

-101,441 Sq. Yards of 4” milling
-24,111 Sq. Yards of 2” milling
-9,308 lbs. of poly injection
-additional work: poly injections, road repair for new injections, and revised striping plan for bike lane