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January 29, 2020

Hubbard Construction Academy Embraced by Tampa Paving Teams

Tampa Pavement Constructors (TPC) is making great strides with its Hubbard Construction Academy (HCA) training. Following a rigorous assessment and training process, all project managers, project engineers, superintendents and foreman who have gone through the program have completed all courses, and are now Industry Certified Instructors. TPC Project Manager Mike Perez, and QC Road Specialist Sean Murrhee, describe the benefits that HCA certification has brought to both the team and individual employees.



Name: Michael Perez

Job Title: Project Manager – Tampa Paving Constructors

Years w/ Hubbard: 9 Years

Completed Courses: Project Manager Training


Q: Describe the value that HCA assessment/training has brought to the TPC team.

A: The value is that we are enriching the skills of our current employees. We are also able to recruit better by enticing potential employees with the ability to improve their skills with classroom and on-the-job training.

Q: What did HCA assessments reveal about the team’s level of performance?

A: We were able to identify that a few of our employees were needing additional training. We are certainly willing to do the training and certainly capable. HCA provides an avenue to bring both employee and employer together for a common goal.

“Hubbard is a trail blazer and industry leader with Hubbard Construction Academy, where none of our competitors have anything similar. It’s the future of our business, and the entire industry.”

Q: Any surprising assessment results?

A: Yeah, there were a few all stars in the group, who scored really well. Some of them really surprised us, but some who scored well, we expected them to do so. I think the main goal is that the assessments provide the opportunity to better themselves and learn as much as possible.

Q: In which areas does TPC excel as a team, based on HCA assessment?

A: We have a solid comprehension of the safety practices and policies. I think everyone also has a good base knowledge of all the different equipment on the job sites. But our goal is to allow everyone the opportunity to be cross-trained and operate every piece of equipment during any shift.

Q: Why do you think TPC has embraced the training and processes of HCA?

A: We are firm believers that the Academy will be a big asset, not only to our division but the company as a whole. I think we are trail blazers and industry leaders with HCA, where none of our competitors have anything similar. We are nationally accredited as well as structuring ourselves to be consistently training, day in and day out. We will be able to see the benefits far sooner than any of our competitors. So, it is certainly the future of our business.


Name: Sean Murrhee

Job Title: QC Road Specialist – Tampa Paving Constructors

Years w/ Hubbard: 5 Years

Completed Courses: Foreman Training


Q: What was your initial reaction when you found out your performance was going to be assessed through HCA?

A: I viewed it as a good thing, with everyone including myself wanting to take the process more seriously. I thought this was a good way to make sure people pay better attention to their performance. That this would lead to everyone trying harder, and the company will get better results out of it.

Q: Did your opinion about HCA change during your assessment and training? How?

A: Yes, it was more detailed than I thought it would be. Instead of covering a broad topic, it dove deeper on technicality and provided a better understanding overall of each subject.

Q: What was the most surprising thing you learned about yourself as an employee from the HCA?

A: I was surprised that I knew more about other subjects than I thought I did, and how much more I understood about other jobs.

“As a team, it benefits everybody because everyone gets a better understanding of their job and others, better training, and more qualified employees.”

Q: Has your performance improved as a result of HCA? How?

A: It’s given me a better understanding of what is needed overall to get the job done properly. Not just my job, but of all the pieces of the puzzle. It’s given me the opportunity to help out when needed to get the job done.

Q: Describe in your own words the value of HCA assessment and training? On you personally, and on the TPC team?

A: Personally, it has given me a better understanding of not only my job but other jobs and has allowed me to help out whenever I can. As a team, it benefits everybody because everyone gets a better understanding of their job and others, better training, and more qualified employees.

Q: From a career standpoint, do you think HCA is a useful tool for advancing your position and pay?

A: Yes, absolutely. Gives me ideas of where else I may want to take my career in the future within the company.