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December 10, 2015

Hubbard Construction wins Outstanding Prime Contractor/Consultant Award

Hubbard Construction Company was nominated for the prestigious Outstanding Prime Contractor/Consultant Award by Terry V. Watson, State DBE Coordinator with the Florida Department of Transportation for the company’s strong support of Florida’s efforts to utilize DBE’s as subcontractors.

The Southern Transportation Civil Rights Executive Council (STCREC) consists of Department of Transportation Civil Rights Directors in the states of Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

The primary purpose of the STCREC is to promote the advancement of Civil Rights Program initiatives within member states. Toward this end, the council:

  • Advocates Civil Rights Program objectives on behalf of protected classes.
  • Promotes Civil Rights Program ownership/accountability and cultivate awareness among federal and state administrators.
  • Acts as a support and resource group for the exchange of ideas, resolution of problems, sharing of information and communication of common concerns.
  • Strives to achieve the basic philosophies of all Civil Rights legislation to ensure the equitable distribution of federal and state programs.

Bill Dumas, Director of Contract Administration, accepted the award on Hubbard’s behalf.  Congratulations to Hubbard Construction Company on this prestigious award!